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ESG – what does it stand for? Go find out! 

Environmental, social and governance strategies are now more complex than ever. And the pressure is piling on companies, investors and policy makers. Post-COP26, and in the face of war in Ukraine , the calls for change are growing louder, and pledges are being put under the microscope. The time to make ESG a reality is now, but is the market willing and ready?

At least a fifth of the world’s 2,000 largest companies have committed to cancel carbon emissions, act on social injustices and tackle governance issues but how achievable are their targets and how willing are they to get specific about their plans?

Recent research suggests that reaching net zero will require US $5 trillion every year for the next 30 years. How are banks and financial institutions accelerating innovation in sustainable finance to meet investor and corporate demand.

We want to be able to contribute to changing the ways we do business. We collaborate with partners at the origin, serving the local market, employing the local people and, and engaging the local community. We inspect them personally, know them, trust them and fund their business. If you deal with us you support our  transparency and our inclusive branding and marketing.

And you know how transparent it can get? Come visit us. Come travel to the production facilities of our suppliers, come for a visit, an internship, an interview and take a deep dive in the value chain of our prided commodities.

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August 18, 2021

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Alen Grey
August 18, 2021

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Ann Collins
August 18, 2021

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