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Farm to fork? We make it happen 

Food production, trade, security, and sustainability occur against a geopolitical background that is increasingly challenging. Sustainably feeding a growing population requires closing three gaps: between the amount of food produced today and what is needed tomorrow, finding extra land to do so – even if productivity can be improved per hectare, and avoiding the extra emissions that would make the climate crisis worse.

How do we make sure we consume more responsibly? By seeing what is behind every pack. Unfortunately, not many producers can give you that luxury of knowing that somewhere in Techimen, Ghana the locals wake up at dawn under palm tree roofs in the shade of a mighty baobab tree and take to work to look after their cashew trees as they did for many years.

Look at the photo above: this is the truck number and lot number of each shopping trip our producers do to the countryside, we record it to show exactly where our goods come from just because we love what we do. If you want it responsible, support our work.